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The need to provide high-quality training where the emphasis in the process over outcome has become rare in the time where immediate results overtake long term development. The institute part of our name is the core of the company. To develop players, our coaches will have continuing education to keep evolving as the sport of volleyball changes. There are a great number of athletic players, and creating a player with the ability to make good decisions in a match is what we strive to create. We are not here to make players look great in drills. We train ugly. Error happens when a decision to execute a skill is wrong or made too late. The concept is making as many errors at practice and finding solutions that make a decision at matches less complicated. Player centered training means we do what is best for the player even if it’s not the best interest of OVi.


Thank you for taking the time to get to know more about OVi. I am very excited about opening a volleyball program that is player-centered. I have been coaching in North East Ohio for over 15 years at all levels – private schools, public schools, boys, girls, and home school programs.  I’ve learned that successful programs are those that have a culture. The culture of respecting each other and how we treat each other overcomes obstacles. Players will be held accountable for their actions on and off the court. On the court means players take responsibility for their role and coaches guiding players to be successful. Off the court, the player represents their family and OVi. Our athletes will be held to the highest standard of sportsmanship.

The vision is simple and requires a tremendous amount of patience. Hoping you would like to be part of the vision of developing a volleyball player. Join us in our new adventure!

Casey Marcelo
Ohio Volleyball Institute

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