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Private Lesson

The beginning of the lesson starts with an interview with the student to find the immediate and long-term goal and then the lesson will be customized. The 50-minute lesson will emphasize core technique in passing, hitting, setting and serving. The core technique will be the foundation in which to build advanced skills. Not one technique fits all students and during the lesson will identify what technique works best for the student based on the physical and bio-mechanical tendency. The lesson will go through the growth mindset Philosophy that training ugly is okay. Accepting girls and boys students from 10 to 18 years old.

Focus on how to play on a team Focused Group Lesson

The goal of this lesson to give the student the experience to make a decision as a rally unfolds. If you find yourself out of position; the game is moving fast; execute drill well but not consistent in games this class is for you. This class will be as much game-like training with group size from 3 to 12 players. The concept is to provide the player to follow the game by having 3 touches per rally. In a 3-5 group will be half-court drills attacking over the net. This is an advance class with students having core techniques in place.

Positional Lesson

The lesson will be for 3-6 players concentrating on specific positions. The lesson is about reps and focusing on getting consistent with a skill. If the lesson is with hitters the majority of the time will be hitting both front and back locations. Recovery time is between hitting drills and passing drills is a good low impact drill which will allow recovery. Setters will transition from all 6 positions and help retain footwork patterns. Using a target stand to keep a consistent location and shaping the set. Shaping is the arc of a set ball and determines the tempo and developing a good tempo separates good setter from great ones. Passers will focus on creating a large range of coverage fine-tuning passing skill away from centerline to more right and left platform. As the speed of the game increases the less opportunity to pass from centerline developing right/left platform provides higher coverage at high-speed matches.

Volleyball Camp

Travel to client location providing a lesson for 12 plus players with a 5-hour session for single or multi-day. The session will cover core skilled, as well as team offensive and defensive development. Individual defense is a player’s movement according to team defense. Team defense is how each player is assigned a specific area to defend.

Camp dates TBA.

Coaches Clinic

Over 15 years of experience. boys and girls, 10 years old to 18 years old. Cap 2 certified. High Performance coach. Core techniques. The mental aspect of the game. Practice management. Drills and drill management. Season development. Using your resources. What is your culture? Why 6 sessions

Coach Casey

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